What is the harmonizer?

This is a device whose source of activity is gentle and natural energy essences. Everyone who is in the field of operation of this device is constantly strengthened and harmonized until the self-healing effect is achieved.

The energy of the bio-infoo device does not combat the disease, but stimulates the body’s internal control systems to combat the symptoms and supports the restoration of internal balance of the body. This energy strengthens physical and mental structures of the human through the energy channels – meridians. Meridians, in turn, feed the most important internal organs: heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, etc. Reduced or blocked energy flow in the meridians (e.g. due to high stress levels) leads to serious disturbances in physical and emotional structures of the human (the effect of a weakening battery). Bio-infoo devices can therefore be called human energy batteries. Under the influence of these devices there may occur short-term symptoms of the body cleansing process, e.g. states of unjustified aggression, depressive states, pains, etc. They provide a positive signal that the process of self-regulation and self-healing has started.
Energies that operate in harmonizers are natural, modified and enhanced, energies of flowers, herbs, minerals and planets. Their carrier is 5% aqueous alcohol solution, the so-called matrix. With this solution a piece of paper, constituting the inner part of the harmonizer is moistened, and even when it dries, a record remains, thanks to which this energy of flowers, herbs, minerals or planets is still present in this harmonizer. The power of these energies has a constant influence on people. It is alive and constantly, interactively cooperates with the human aura, strengthening and correcting it.
They will never lose their properties.

In addition, this harmonizer works as the field merging with the broadly understood human immune system, reaching up to the mental and spiritual equilibrium. And when this immunity is already formed in us, then we feel this harmonizer less intensively, but it does mean that it stopped working. We feel it less intensively, because we took over its balance, but it still continues to lift us. It is similar to the case when you have fever and take antipyretic drug, then you feel that the temperature drops. But when you have no fever and you take such a drug, you feel nothing. And indeed, nothing happens, because the drug sees no threat and does not change anything, but this does not mean that it is ineffective.

Subconsciously it is felt almost immediately. Therefore, when entering the field of the harmonizer, you can subconsciously feel some other state, e.g. inner peace or emotional cooling down. Consciously, however, you will begin to feel it after about a week. After a week, the states of spiritual response of the broadly understood immune system begin to form in the body.
It can be seen that they have a positive impact, waking the higher spiritual values in a man and directing one towards the values of spiritual perception and development, guiding to spiritual transformation. But you must come to exist in this state by yourself, you do not get it automatically.
This harmonizer indeed emits radiation, and you can feel it. It has a real impact on the spiritual body. You can feel this radiation through this spiritual body on all the others subtle bodies.
Yes, obviously. This is due to the fact that it is a biological effect, and at the same time the effect on the so-called human sensory space, human emotional and spiritual space. Harmonizers help you to regain health, soothe your emotions, harmonize your thoughts and make your thoughts more organized; they prevent foreign, oppressive thoughts that cause disorder and frustration from invading your mental and emotional system. They give spiritual strength, which increases and removes these problems. Harmonizers act similarly to the human immune system – they are not a rigid barrier. They surprisingly merge with the human vibration. They have a direct impact on the human immune system, not only physical, but also spiritual, they influence the ability to recognize external problems we have not been aware of and which affect our energy field. The immune system recognizes interference, and inner strength recorded in the harmonizer guides a person towards balance and inner strength.
Indeed, after the period of assimilation, these harmonizers send to the body information that it has the power to combat bacteria and viruses and indeed stops them. But this does not mean that it is accomplished by the harmonizer itself! During its use, certain forces in the body are awakened, which increase our immunity.
Harmonizers 6 and 7 strengthen the energy of people and the Earth. Their energy does not combat the disease, but stimulates the body’s internal control systems to combat the symptoms. It increases the energy of a person to such a level, so as the body itself neutralizes the impact of harmful radiation, emitted e.g. by computer, TV or watercourses. Removes negative, persistent thoughts that cause anxiety and depression. Cleanses and transforms the places where energy disturbances occur, e.g. places of tragic events, accidents, geopathic radiation, watercourses. You can place it in your dwelling, bedroom, garden, school, workplace and wherever you feel tired and weak. Energy of the harmonizer passes through the walls without losing its properties. It can be used irrespective of age and type of disorder – there are no contraindications to its use. It works in the same way and with the same force all the time. Harmonizers bioinfoo 6 and bioinfoo 7 work on the principle of an energy vortex, the source of which is properly combined and enhanced energy of flowers, herbs, minerals and planets. Depending on the problem of a given person, this harmonizer operates in the upper or lower space. In people who have lower vibrations it will work at the bottom and increase the level of internal energy there, and in people who have higher vibration, it will work at the top. The potency of both harmonizers is similar. The larger one, bioinfoo 7, is designed for use at home, the workplace or as a stationary harmonizer. It has a slightly greater range, about 100 m, works more calmly. It has the strongest effect within the area of 10-15 m, where it acts on the physical, earthly plane. As the distance increases, it acts on higher planes. The smaller harmonizer, bioinfoo 6, has a slightly smaller range, and its effect is greater at the beginning, because of the energy concentration in a narrower stream. Its practical size makes it possible to take it with you on the journey, to the car, on vacation. You can also use it as a water energizer by simply putting the water tank on the harmonizer and leaving it for about half an hour. Such energized water can be drunk or used to prepare meals, which has a beneficial effect on the human body, and noticeably improves the taste of food and drinks. Both types of harmonizers adjust themselves to the person and the space in which they work, within a period from 3 to 7 days.
Of course. It is associated with merging with the biological balance of a person, the balance of the entire human sensuality, the entire human existence, one’s psyche, emotions, generational relationships, etc. Let us start with the fact that a human being cannot function in a completely clean environment. If children living in an oxygen tent and fed only with perfect, healthy food went outside, they would get ill immediately. The Earth radiates in a natural way, and also the sun sends to it a portion of X-ray in 28-day cycles. These small amounts of radiation are necessary for the natural regulation of vital processes. The same applies to watercourses. Watercourse with the strength of 1 to 1.5 in a 10-degree scale stimulates the human body in a natural way. That is why watercourses are not completely removed; in such a case the human body would be unable to function in other places.
It harmonizes the entire area, which affects positively the driver and results in the feeling of inner and outer peace. This harmonizer creates a highly positive vibration, helpful while driving.
This harmonizer creates a very strong energy field, which defends you, and it can be seen on the photo of aura. This harmonizer creates a spiritual field, which protects this person. In the picture of a person talking on a mobile phone without a harmonizer, one can see highly negative impact of this phone. The aura of this person is smaller and dimmed, you can see a gap in it. The harmfulness of mobile phones on the human body has already been proven by typically scientific research.
This harmonizer protects you against quantum field, emitted around the computer because of logical processes occurring in the processor. Such quantum field interacts with the energy field of a person and manipulates it, often creating addictions, causing fatigue, reducing the vital energy level of a person. Here you can clearly see that the impact of the computer processor on the essence of the human has been strongly blocked.
Yes, it creates in this place a permanent, biologically active field, which is active also in terms of spiritual understanding. It affects our mental, emotional state, our inner balance, which means that it calms us down.
Of course. It forms some sort of protective zone of a human being, where his/her immunity, both physical and spiritual, is strengthened. This is a sphere which is alive, reacts to various situations and which prompts appropriate action in the body. Interestingly, this spiritual sphere teaches the human presence proper spiritual states. This means that it is a live vibration that coexists with the person. When we are continuously living in this harmonizer’s field, it merges with our energy field so strongly that it teaches our immune system appropriate responses, teaches immunity. It reflects a living nature in itself, and this living nature remains in a person.