Bio harmonizers

Discover the power of innovative harmonizers

This is a device which source of activity is the mild and natural energy of flowers, herbs and minerals (obtained without destroying them). Bio-infoo devices can therefore be called human energy batteries.

Water energizer

Stationary Harmonizer


Creatoz is the company which created harmonizers guarding the biofield, regulating the internal human organism, strengthening the aura and eliminates radiation phones, computers and neutralize negative energy in watercourses and geopathic radiation.

The harmonizer works on the basis of energy essences of natural origin inside the device, obtained in a similar way as the flower essences of dr. Bach. Their carrier is a matrix that constantly affects a human being, constantly correcting and strengthening biofields.

Discover the power of innovative harmonizers

The energy of the bio-infoo device does not fight the disease itself, but stimulates the body’s internal regulatory systems to fight ailments and helps restore the internal balance of the body.

Harmonizer can be called human energy batteries. During the operation of these devices, short-term symptoms of the body cleansing process may appear. They are a positive signal that the process of self-regulation and self-healing has begun.

Water energizer


Stationary Harmonizer



By applying the body harmonizer, you can feel the warmth, and this happens as a result of the radiation directing man to spiritual change, as well as mobilization to the cohesion of the body and energy regulation.

Harmonizers help recover much faster, motivating the body to fight the disease. They directly affect the human immune system, as well as the ability to recognize external problems that we are not aware of and affect our energy field.


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