Geopatic radiation and fighting with water lines

Let’s start with what the watercourse is.

Deep below the ground there are channels through which water flows. Their diameter is from a dozen centimeters to a meter. Each lobe radiates vertically upwards at an angle of 45 °. The stronger the radiation, the more harmful it is. The liquid is in constant motion and generates electromagnetic waves. Watercourses / veins are dealt with by science called radiesthesia. Radiesthet is a person who uses a pendulum or a wand to check whether there are water veins in the designated place. Thanks to the knowledge of location of watercourses under the house, we can place our furniture so that it is not within the range of harmful radiation. For example, beds, armchairs, sofas or tables. So the space where you spend a lot of time.

Is it harmful to be within the range of geopathic radiation?

Yes of course. A person staying for a long time within the range of radiation experiences changes in well-being and even disease symptoms. If you suffer any of these ailments, you can stay in a place where there are watercourses! And these are:

  • headaches and dizziness
  • swelling of the joints or numbness of the limbs
  • restless nights and problems falling asleep
  • daytime fatigue, anxiety
  • loss of appetite, dry mouth
  • affection of the heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines
  • shaking hands or other parts of the body
  • feeling cold in the lumbar region
  • breathing difficulties
  • weakness of the body

Animals and feet.

Animals are much more sensitive to radiation. They usually avoid a harmful aura, because their bodies are highly sensitive to any stimuli. Exceptions are cats who love irradiated places with high vibrations or sick parts in humans. Then they spend a lot of time there and it is not without reason that they do not sleep where cats. The animals, however, do not give 100% certainty that there are veins in a particular place, which is only suspicion. Regarding the location of watercourses, please consult the gentlemen.

How to get rid of water veins?

The elimination of water veins is unfortunately not the simplest thing. You can not remove them or reduce the range of radiation. However, you can support yourself with re-radiators, the installation of which is not complicated at all. The bio info 1 repeater is used for cleaning and transforming places on Earth where there are energy disturbances. It eliminates the negative radiation of watercourses that have a bad effect on the human body. Its range is 10 meters and allows you to get rid of disturbing geopathic disturbances.

The higher, the safer?

A very important principle of the operation of watercourses is the fact that people living under the water veins in the block on the top floors are not at all safer than people living on the ground floor. The radiation is always angular, hence the degree of radiation on higher floors is greater than for those living lower.

Geopathic radiation can increase the risk of heart disease as well as cancer, which is why it is so important to create a barrier to protect against this dangerous factor. Radiators should be consulted as part of the consultation, but for protective purposes, use a detachment. It should also be remembered that the radiation also affects children and animals that can be protected against it.

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