Influence of electromagnetic radiation on human health

Unfortunately, sometimes convenient solutions carry unwanted side effects. And how does this apply to electronic devices? Well, they pollute the environment with electromagnetic radiation. This applies not only to computers or cells, but also to a vacuum cleaner, leveler or mixer. Smog arises around everything that takes electricity from the outlet. Our body accepts this radiation just like viruses from the environment. The unprecedented development of technology has caused that there are more SIM cards in Poland than the residents themselves! Parents are not able to prohibit children from using computers, because it is often the Internet that is the last resort when they can not cope with a homework task. Working in the office, we look at bright, radiating screens for eight hours a day, five days a week, and after returning home, we rest while continuing to interact with electronic equipment. We do not give respite to our bodies, which makes us feel sleepy, tired and discouraged from active activities. Smog accompanies us every day, it is an inseparable element of prosaic activities at home, as well as outside it. Fortunately, you can find some medicine for most diseases. So it is with electro smog.

Appliances that neutralize harmful radiation have started to appear on the market. They eliminate waves propagating towards the recipient, making the use of electronic equipment no longer have a detrimental effect on us. The bio-info 4 radiator, which has a range of 5 meters, can help. The backstop is best mounted on the monitor from the back or glued to the side of the screen. What’s more, this device prevents addiction from Internet structures and also improves the comfort of work at the computer. If you focus on the phones themselves, it will be a good idea to mount a bio info 3 relay under or over the phone’s battery. It removes the negative energy and electronic field. It allows you to eliminate the onerous headache after prolonged telephone conversations and also to protect us from smog. Just the right assembly or regularity of use is enough to free itself from the negative radiation. And even if we think that it does not concern us, we should bend over our parents or our children. Smog can not be seen, it can only be felt when it affects our mental and physical condition. And maybe that’s why it’s so dangerous and it works like a silent killer, damaging our nervous system and affecting our well-being. For certainly each of you once prayed in your mind that aunt calling from the other end of Poland had already finished his four-hour dialogue, because you felt that the head would explode soon. Or you watched the clock at 4:00 pm, to be able to peel tired eyes off computers and change the perspective of glass glass on this real and tangible, even on the bus, heading home.

Nobody will change their habits or renounce the services necessary for the 21st century. Services that provide us with entertainment, which is a window on current events from around the world, on contact with loved ones, and even on information about traffic jams on the route, which we overcome from home to work. We are interactive from birth, painful truth. Therefore, let’s think about how to protect yourself from the negative impact on our health, because that’s what electromagnetic radiation has on the human body. The methods of combating electro-smog described in the article will certainly facilitate your functioning at work and at home. Take a deep breath, throwing fear of electro smog and use bio-info 3 or 4.

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