Human aura

The subtle energy field that surrounds every living object, every living organism, me and you, is called an aura. It is a specific vibration that radiates from the things and people that surround us. It is everywhere, invisible but still standing guard. The word aura comes from the Greek language, and means a breeze. It is a particle of the physical world, showing a deeper nature. In the aura of man one can distinguish seven basic layers: etheric, emotional, mental, astral, sanctified, heavenly and keteric, and each one corresponds to a different color. These layers are mixed so that each next penetrates all previous ones. Each aura extends to several dozen centimeters. This range depends on; health, spiritual development, but above all from our inner attitude. The ideal aura is uniform, then its range is the largest.
What do the colors say? Red – domination, aggression. Oranges – joy, friendly disposition. Bile – sociability, enthusiasm. Green – healing process / ability. Blue – wisdom, spirituality. Indigo – readiness to help others. Violet – soulfulness, artistic predispositions. Biel – impeccability, true.
The aura is constantly changing. On the basis of its color and range, one can assess the state of physical and mental health of a human being. When the aura is uniform and persistent, it suggests the proper state of man. When it is ragged, with visible cavities, it can be assumed that we are dealing with a sick person, mentally weak or exposed to geopathic radiation, or the impact of electromagnetic smog. Aura can get worse and improve. From the dark one can become light or out of ragged – ragged. It all depends on external stimuli and internal harmony.
Everyone in the child’s age has the ability to see the aura, but not everyone cherishes this skill, that is why you can refer to scientific methods of observation such as Kirilian photography, or photographs using devices showing a color scheme of aura based on microcurrents flowing through the human body.
Color therapy, esoteric courses or the simple way of using bio-infoo 6 and bio-infoo 7 from Creatos, which work more strongly than other methods, can strengthen the aura. In the rush of the day, in the routine that absorbs us, we should consider between one coffee and the other, how much we really do for ourselves. What pressure exerts pressure on us; boss, friends, family. Is your life’s name a stress written in capital letters? We stopped noticing intuitively. Children recognize good people, know who to clap their hands on or who will give them a lollipop. Adults have ceased to feel the aura, and yet it is an inseparable part of ourselves. And you decide about its power, no other dear reader.
The following illustration shows the energy image of a person using the Bio-infoo 1 harmonizer.
  • – a luminous aura with high potential for healing vital energy
  • – the state of self-healing and self-regulation of the body’s energy

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